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Let's say that you want to set up a site for a domain name that is still available (not many good ones left, are there?).   We can register and set up a web site   —   hosted and available for all to browse   —   in a week or two, for surprisingly little money.

We reserve your domain name and pay the annual fees for registration and hosting. We set up password-protected email accounts for your staff at
We create and maintain a multiple-page site, with your images and text. We index the pages and link them together. We then deploy them on a secure web hosting server.
We add keyword and content metadata to the pages and publish the site to internet search engines. We provide site usage statistics and back up the source code for the site.

Web sites are designed by Colin Morris, who lives in Cahors in France (in Department 46 on the map at left), but who continues to maintain sites for US customers.   Work in progress includes: and

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